How to Choose A Hypnotherapist in Tampa

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Hypnotherapist.

Whether you are using hypnosis for weight loss, quitting smoking with hypnosis, healing emotional pain with hypnosis or transforming other bad habits into productive ones, the choice of the right Hypnotherapist will often make the difference between you successfully reaching your goals or simply wasting your money and time. Because the industry is largely self-regulated, the level of education, experience, and skill between practitioners can vary dramatically even if they are using the same title. Below are some suggested questions to ask before choosing a Hypnotherapist as well as our answers to these questions as they pertain to the Florida Hypnosis Clinics.

Where did you receive your training and was it from a state licensed school?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “schools” that are operating and offer certificates in Hypnosis with as little as a weekend’s worth of training up to only 200 hours. If a Hypnotherapist tells you that a state license isn’t required to be a Hypnotherapist and that it is a certified industry they are correct. However Hypnotherapy Schools should be state licensed as it ensures the quality of training, approved curriculum, and tracks graduation success rates in terms of how many students actually use their education professionally. Non-state-licensed schools frequently pass students just for attending lectures without even passing any final exams of any significance. As a matter of fact, many of these schools issue diplomas to students who never set foot in a classroom or actually even hypnotized someone with an instructor present. If a hypnotist or Hypnotherapist did not graduate from a state licensed school you have much less surety about their level of skill, education and the results you will get.

At Florida Hypnosis Clinics our entire staff of Clinical Hypnotherapists attended and graduated from State Licensed Schools, after which they completed additional continuing education in advanced smoking cessation and weight loss. In addition, it is our belief that clients and patients are best served by combining Hypnotherapy with Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), which our staff has completed additional training in as well.

What Type of Hypnotherapy techniques and modalities do you use in your work? / Do you only use suggestion therapy?

Unfortunately, because of the above mentioned lack of regulation, many Hypnotherapists have limited training and are only trained to do what’s called Suggestion Therapy or Hypnotic Programming. While effective, this tends to be the least powerful technique in a well trained Clinical Hypnotherapist’s toolbox. It tends to work on the symptom level, whereas other more powerful techniques such as modified gestalt (parts-therapy), age regression, memory reprocessing and belief reframing can go beyond the symptoms to get to the root and cause of the problem.

At the Florida Hypnosis Clinics, our Clinical Hypnotherapists are highly trained in the modalities and techniques mentioned above, as well as many others. We are dedicated to getting to the root cause of clients physical and emotional issues to create lasting transformation and permanent healing and change.

How many sessions will it take?

This is a great question to ask because it frequently tells you so much about the level of skill, education and training of the Hypnotherapist. The truth is that most things that clients want help with require about 3 sessions to resolve permanently, yet many Hypnotherapists will tell you they can permanently cause you to quit smoking, lose weight, or resolve other issues that may have plagued you for a lifetime in one session.

Quite frequently this is because, as mentioned above, many practicing hypnotists and Hypnotherapists are only trained in suggestion therapy and hypnotic programming and therefore wouldn’t have anything much to offer beyond one session. Quite frequently, as in the case with smoking, clients can sometimes quit in a single session, however statistically 80% of those who quit with a single session are smoking again within 12 months. This statistic, in varying degrees, applies to other issues as well that the client may be seeing a Hypnotherapist to resolve.

At the Florida Hypnosis Clinics we work to help our clients and patients reach their goals in the shortest amount of time that they can be successful and maintain that success for a lifetime. We are always honest with our clients and patients, giving them our best estimate of how many sessions it will take to get them permanent results. If calling through the phone book, it is likely someone else with less training and fewer credentials will tell you they can get you to your goals in one session. At Florida Hypnosis Clinics we will help you reach your goals and maintain your success, and while it may be more than one session, we will do it in the fewest number of sessions possible while putting you in the best possible position to have lasting changes that last a lifetime.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Many Hypnotherapists offer free consultations as part of the process of helping you decide if hypnotherapy is right for you. If you have any concerns or questions, before making any commitments we highly encourage you to ask for a free consultation.

At the Florida Hypnosis Clinics it is always our policy to offer a Free Consultation in a relaxing and comfortable environment to ensure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about what is best for you, while understanding the entire process from the beginning to the end, and ensuring that you are comfortable and feel good about the Clinical Hypnotherapist you will be working with.

Do you have a staff physician or are you affiliated with a Medical Doctor who can provide feedback on patient medical history and course of treatment?

Quite often patients and clients have medical or mental health conditions that need to be considered. In these instances Florida state law requires Hypnotherapists to obtain a referral before proceeding with hypnotherapy. We recommend asking this question to ensure that the Hypnotherapist has the resources to facilitate that process for you if necessary, as well as a medical doctor to review your medical history to best match your hypnotherapy program with any and all medical conditions and concerns you may have.

The Florida Hypnosis Clinics is one of the few Hypnotherapy Clinics in the United States with a full time physician who serves as our medical director. We have some of the most well trained Clinical Hypnotherapists and physicians in the country and have worked diligently to increase patient and client care far beyond industry standards. Florida Hypnosis Clinics is leading the country in creating permanent and lasting change for our clients.

If you would like to speak with us sooner please feel free to call us at 813.579.5353 in Tampa.