Tampa Hypnosis for Pain

Pain is a physical discomfort caused by illness or injury. In a recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) published in 2011, an estimated 116 million Americans suffer from some form of pain each year and costs the United States between $500 billion and $635 billion annually.

Hypnotherapy for pain management is very effective. It not only provides relief from pain, but also empowers us with the realization that we can directly influence pain:

A significant reduction of pain and dysphoria was found following Hypnosis in a study of 19 patients with a variety of musculoskeletal disorders.

Domangue, B.B., Margolis, C.G., Lieberman, D. & Kaji, H. (1985). Biochemical Correlates of Hypnoanalgesia in Arthritic Pain Patients.” Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 46, 235-238

Women with metastatic breast cancer who received group Hypnosis therapy were able to reduce their pain experience by 50% compared to a control group.

Spiegel, D. & Bloom, J.R. (1983b).”Group therapy and Hypnosis Reduce Metastatic Breast Carcinoma Pain.” Psychosomatic Medicine, 45, 333-339.

Hypnotic suggestion can be used to divert the mind from pain signals and thus greatly reduce our perception of pain. Pain management in hypnosis has traditionally been used in a wide variety of settings and applications including anesthesia, analgesia, dentistry, childbirth, surgery, arthritis and chronic conditions.

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