Tampa Hypnosis for Heart Conditions

Heart disease is any disorder that affects the heart and is the leading cause of Death in America. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Heart disease caused 26% of deaths in 2006 in the U.S. and in 2010 will cost the U.S. over $316 billion in health care costs, medications, and lost productivity.

Hypnotherapy is very valuable for heart health because not only is the subconscious influential to every organ of the human body (like the heart), but also the seat of habits, such as diet and exercise. With a properly executed program of hypnotherapeutic services, we can have you eating healthier, exercising appropriately, and improving heart health all at the same time through subconscious training.

See the following Heart Health study:

In a trial comparing Hypnosis with biofeedback, or a combination of both, all groups had significant reduction in blood pressure. However, at six-month follow-up only patients receiving Hypnosis had maintained the reduction.

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Join us at the Florida Hypnosis Clinics and together we will introduce more Conscious Living and have you experiencing a Happy and Healthy Heart!