Tampa Hypnosis for Nail Biting

Nail Biting is a common condition among children and adolescents, yet some carry this habit over into adulthood. Studies indicate nail biting occurs in 28-33% of children ages 7-10 years old, 44% of adolescents, 19-29% of young adults and 5% of older adults. Nail biting usually happens when we are stressed, bored, or excited and we don’t even realize we’re doing it. While many of us don’t bring this habit with us into adulthood, for those of us that do it can be quite a problem. But there is help!

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Hypnotherapy is so effective for nail biting because it is happening at a subconscious level. When someone bites their nails like this, most of the time they are not even aware that they are doing it. This is a textbook example of a subconscious behavior. With hypnotherapy we can access the subconscious mind and make the changes necessary to have you stop biting your nails today!

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