Tampa Hypnosis for Skin Conditions

Skin conditions are quite prevalent in the U.S. and can range from rashes to skin cancer. According to the American Skin Association, approximately 100 million Americans suffer from some form of skin ailment, including such things as acne, melanoma, burns, dry skin, and warts.

Hypnotherapy for skin conditions has proven effective in past studies and tends to be one of the easier complications to resolve:

There have been many studies on hypnosis being used to treat warts. Often they have seen success rates as high as 80%. There was a particularly interesting report of hypnosis being used to treat a 7 year old girl who had 82 warts. These warts had been present for about 18 months and would not respond to regular medical treatments. After 2 weeks, 8 of 16 facial warts were gone. After three more fortnightly sessions, all 82 warts were gone. The researchers concluded that the hypnotherapy was very successful, and that there must be an intimate relationship between psychological mechanisms and the immune system.

Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, Michigan State University, East Lansing 48824. J Dev Behav Pediatr Apr 1988, 9 (2) pg.89-91

The subconscious mind has been proven to affect every organ in the human body. Simply put, hypnotherapy can put to use our subconscious to bring health and healing to our entire body, including our skin.

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