I had made the decision… my life needs a little help- actually, I felt like it needed a lot of help. I had been through traditional therapy twice before and I had always wondered if something different would work.. I had an opinion that hypnosis would not really help me for the variety of issues I felt I needed help with. That was because my opinion was falsely based on what hypnosis actually is. From the very first call I made (after reading the website’s information), I was warmly comforted by Trish regarding my apprehensions. I proceeded to make an appointment and I can say that literally, in just a few months, I have changed. Changed in way I actually never thought was possible. I will always consider my decision to take on the challenge of change with Trish to be one of my ultimate BEST in life!
~ Tracy Kreider

After many years of struggling to break the bonds of dependency, I decided to think outside the box and the usual recommended methods of recovery. I came to Trish Dwyer with an open mind and feel that I owe my reclaimed life to her and her clinic. Trish’s advice has been dead on the mark and while I am still continuing on this path, I have every confidence this program will benefit anyone with similar afflictions.
~ Robert S.